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Teeth Cleaning in Syracuse

Syracuse Teeth Cleaning

Have you been to your dentist’s office for a cleaning this year? The ADA recommends not only daily brushing and flossing as critical to your oral health, but also scheduling regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. At Syracuse Smiles, their expert dentist can provide all of the dental care you require. When it comes to the most comprehensive selection of high quality dental services, Dr. Bernadine A. Martin is an excellent resource, whether you’re in need of a comprehensive oral exam, teeth cleaning in Syracuse, or multiple levels of care, from restorative and emergency treatment, to cosmetic options.

When we don’t brush or floss, or miss hard to reach areas even when we do, plaque can begin to cause trouble. The sticky film that forms over and in-between the teeth is home to colonies of harmful bacteria that release acids capable of eroding the enamel. As the root cause of dental decay, when plaque accumulates it can result in painful cavities, which if left untreated can compromise the health of your tooth and lead to infections. Also, playing a part in the development of periodontal disease, plaque accumulates under the gum line, where it can cause gum disease if left unremoved. Gum disease has various stages of severity, and in its most advanced phase can result in tooth loss. With a professional teeth cleaning in Syracuse, our dentist can improve upon the job you do at home, making sure that plaque isn’t stowing away in the corners or recesses of your mouth. Because it’s not uncommon that many of us miss a spot, or—dare I say—a day of oral care, our dentist will remove any hardened plaque from areas where your toothbrush and floss have not reached. Encouraging her patients to drop in at least twice a year for checkups and teeth cleanings, Dr. Martin can help you establish and maintain excellent oral health.

Teeth Cleaning in Syracuse

The length of time it takes for plaque to form or harden varies from person to person. By scheduling a teeth cleaning in Syracuse every 6 months and keeping up with your daily brushing and flossing regimen, you can keep dental decay and gum disease at bay. To schedule your next exam or teeth cleaning in Syracuse, contact the office of Dr. Martin at Syracuse Smiles today.


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