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Syracuse Dental Office

Are you looking for a Dental Office in Syracuse?

Are you seeking a dental professional to guide you through restoring lost teeth? Finding a Syracuse dental office with a compassionate and knowledgeable dentist to discuss treatment options with is your best solution and it may not be as difficult as you feared.  For highly-skilled, experienced dental care with a gentle touch, plan to meet with Dr. Bernadine A. Martin. She provides a comprehensive range of restorative options for replacing lost teeth, including dental bridges, partial to full dentures, as well as implant retained dentures, and dental implants. With over two decades of experience in the field, Dr. Martin has been earned an excellent reputation in the area, and looks forward to the opportunity to make your smile complete.

When it comes to replacing teeth, your Syracuse dental office provides state-of-the-art options. When all teeth of the upper or lower dental arch must be replaced, complete dentures are a great option. Made from the highest grade dental materials, complete dentures restore your smile, and reestablish a highly functional bite, making it a great deal easier to speak and eat. Providing support for the muscles in the cheeks and lips, dentures keep the soft tissues in the face from sagging, serving to maintain your overall appearance as well. For patients with some sturdy teeth remaining, partial dentures can be tailor-made to the needs of your mouth.

Syracuse Dental Office

Anchoring in place through the use of clasps attached to neighboring teeth, partial dentures provide the same benefits as complete dentures while maintaining the health benefits of keeping your remaining teeth. Eligible patients have the option of implant retained dentures, garnering stability through the support of strategically placed dental implants. Promoting jaw health, and preventing the natural shrinkage of bone tissue that occurs after tooth loss, dental implants come the closest to replicating the function, feel and appearance of natural teeth.

To learn more about the most suitable options for replacing your missing teeth, contact your Syracuse dental office today. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin, call Syracuse Smiles at the number below.


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