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Did you know that before dentists were around, people used to receive oral care from their barber? It’s true, back in the 1800’s, dental patients often found themselves in a hairy situation, receiving whitening treatments that involved the use of nitric acid and a metal file! Thankfully, these days the science of teeth whitening is understood and provided by trained experts. Enter the cosmetic dental professionals at Syracuse Smiles. Using some of the most up to date technologies and treatment methods in the field, they’ve been providing brilliant cosmetic results and oral care to patients for over a decade now. It’s no wonder that many patients consider Dr. Bernadine Martin one of the best dentists in Syracuse.

Best Dentist in Syracuse

Now, although the whitening of teeth has long been a sought-after treatment, the understanding of what causes teeth to stain—and why—is a bit more recent. The lightness of your teeth can begin to wane over the years from surface stains to the enamel. These are usually caused by highly pigmented foods, like berries, as well as coffee, cola, tobacco, tea and red wine. It’s only natural then, that our teeth begin to stain over time as we eat.

If you’ve been to the store recently, you know just how many over-the-counter whitening options there are to choose from. If you’re thinking about whitening your teeth, I encourage you to speak with your best dentist in Syracuse before committing to any over the counter options. At Syracuse Smiles, their cosmetic professional can discuss your options and help determine what the best course of treatment for your specific teeth will be.

For the quickest, and most dramatic results, your best dentist in Syracuse will likely recommend an in-office whitening procedure. Completely non-invasive, in-office whitening is the most hassle-free way to evenly, effectively, and safely whiten your teeth. To learn more about treatment options for a lighter, brighter smile, contact the office of Syracuse Smiles, for a consultation with their exceptional cosmetic dentist today.


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