Dentist in Syracuse

Replacing Lost Teeth in Syracuse

After losing a tooth—whether to injury, gum disease, or tooth decay—getting back your old smile may seem overwhelming. While a lost tooth can compromise your oral health, it can also affect your self-image. However, thanks to advances in modern dentistry, there are a variety of effective cosmetic solutions for reestablishing an incomplete smile. At Syracuse Smiles we provide an extensive range of dental services, including several procedures to address cases of lost or missing teeth. As your dentist in Syracuse, we utilize the most advanced technology and treatment modalities available today.

Dentist in Syracuse

Dr. Martin is a top dentist in Syracuse trained and experienced in restoring smiles to appear their very best and to have normal, healthy function. Whether you need dental implants, a fixed bridge, partial or complete dentures to replace your lost or missing teeth, Syracuse Smiles will provide you with just the treatment that you need. To begin the process of reestablishing your complete smile, your teeth and the surrounding tissues are thoroughly analyzed to determine which type of tooth replacement method will be most effective in your situation as well as which one will achieve the most successful outcome. Our commitment to patient care and comfort is unparalleled, and is the reason that so many patients have given our office 5 star testimonial reviews.

You can rest assured that at Syracuse Smiles your dental health is in the very best of hands. We recognize that every patient has goals and expectations for their restored smile. At Syracuse Smile we are attentive to every concern and always treat our patients as partners in care. As a top dentist in Syracuse, Dr. Martin will carefully explain all of your treatment options and keep your well informed during every step of a procedure.

We build beautiful and healthy smiles. For more information on Syracuse Smiles and the many dental services that we offer, give us a call today.


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