Where can I find a Syracuse Dentist Office?

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If you’re seeking out your best options for replacing missing teeth, our Syracuse dentist office is here to provide you with the professional guidance and compassionate support you deserve. Ever-current with the latest advances in modern dental technology, materials, and techniques, Dr. Bernadine Martin has been providing the highest quality treatment solutions for patients throughout the Syracuse area for over 20 years. Welcoming patients in need of replacements for missing teeth, she’ll take the time to walk you through the best options for restoring your smile and overall quality of life. From fully customized bridgework, to partial and full dentures, fabricated with the most exquisite detail, our dentist is committed to reestablishing your smile with the best possible results.

For the replacement of multiple missing teeth, your Syracuse dentist office offers a variety of highly personalized treatment solutions. Depending on the unique considerations of your smile, when there are sturdy, healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures can be custom-designed to fill in any spaces in your bite. Artfully designed with the highest quality materials, partial dentures are secured in place with the use of clasps over neighboring healthy teeth. If you’re in need of replacing all teeth along a dental arch, complete dentures can be customized to reestablish your smile. Tailor-made to the unique esthetic and functional considerations of your bite, our dentist is highly experienced in the design and fabrication of dentures, and can provide you with remarkably lifelike results. Today’s dentures are fabricated from advanced generations of dental materials and designed to support the soft tissues of the mouth and lips, helping you maintain the natural contours of your face. We also provide evaluations for implant-retained dentures. By using dental implants, your new fixed prosthesis can be anchored into place with small surgical posts, carefully inserted into the underlying jawbone. Our dentist is more than happy to discuss the most suitable treatment solution for your health, comfort level and budget.

If you’re ready to consult about your best tooth replacement options, plan on visiting our Syracuse dentist office. Conveniently located on Salt Springs Road, right around the corner of Springfield Road, we’re just a short trip away! To schedule your consultation, call our friendly staff at the number below!

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