family dentistry in Syracuse

Where can I find family dentistry in Syracuse?

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If you’ve been seeking an exceptional resource for family dentistry in Syracuse, you’ve come to the right place! At Syracuse Smiles, our dentist is highly experienced in a sweeping range of dental services, from preventive, emergency, and pediatric care, to the most advanced restorative and cosmetic treatments for your smile. Having established an excellent reputation over the years throughout the Syracuse and greater Onondaga Country area, Dr. Bernadine Martin welcomes the opportunity to serve your family’s oral healthcare needs. From teaching your kids the proper methods for maintaining good oral hygiene, to providing emergency treatments for patients of all ages, our dentist is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care.

family dentistry in Syracuse

When it comes to family dentistry in Syracuse, Dr. Martin is prepared to address the unique oral healthcare needs of patients at any age. For your children, our dentist takes special care to make visits as engaging and informative as possible. Supplying the fundamental instruction, education and treatment necessary to lay the foundation for a lifetime of continued oral health, our dentist emphasizes the primacy of good oral hygiene and scheduling routine checkups at our office. Because kids are at an increased risk for developing cavities, specialized treatments are provided to strengthen and shield their teeth from dental decay throughout the year. At Syracuse Smiles patients of all ages benefit from comprehensive oral examinations, checking for everything from cavities and the first signs of gum disease, to screenings for oral cancer. For our adult patients, careful periodontal evaluations are provided, checking for any signs of gum disease. Despite the fact that gum disease is one the most common dental conditions, it can be almost entirely prevented with the help of your dentist. And for anyone wearing dentures or other oral appliances, we also offer the completely personalized repair, maintenance and continuing care you require!

When it comes to the need for general, emergency, and family dentistry in Syracuse, look to Syracuse Smiles! To schedule your next visit, call today!

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