Syracuse Root Canal

Where Can I Get A Syracuse Root Canal?

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If you’re suffering from deep decay, or have recently injured your tooth, you’re going to want to visit an experienced dentist with an established reputation for providing skilled and compassionate patient care. Dr. Bernadine Martin has been providing the utmost quality in dental care to her patients, ranging from preventive and restorative treatment, to emergency and cosmetic services for over a decade. At Syracuse Smiles, the latest advances in treatment technology and technique are being put to good use for the benefit of patients in Syracuse and the neighboring areas of Fayetteville, Jamesville and Lyncourt. If you’re experiencing any kind of dental pain, or have sustained an oral injury, consider visiting Dr. Martin, your Syracuse root canal specialist.

Syracuse Root Canal

Whether a tooth has been traumatized or decayed to the point of irreversible nerve damage or infection, it is important to receive treatment as soon as possible. When an infection develops, it can spread to the surrounding areas and may result in the loss of soft and bone tissue. Without prompt and effective care, your tooth as well as your overall health and well-being can be seriously compromised. If you’re in Syracuse, a root canal procedure can be performed to help save your tooth and resolve the infection. Removing the affected tissues, your dentist will clear away any infection, disinfect the area, and then seal it with a biocompatible, rubber-like material to prevent bacteria from reentering tooth. After a Syracuse root canal is performed, a restoration is required, usually either a direct filling or custom crown, depending on the extent of the damage. The restoration is used to restore the functional integrity and appearance of the affected tooth.    

If you’ve recently been suffering from a bad toothache, or have injured, chipped, or cracked one of your teeth, visiting your dentist for Syracuse root canal procedure is critical to help save the affected tooth. To schedule an appointment with a highly skilled dentist, call the office of Syracuse Smiles to make an appointment with Dr. Martin today.


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